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Ever since she was diagnozed with cancer, Donna Bender, wife to Ron Bender, artist of Magical Misfits has fough a battle against the cancer, both on a personal level but also to help others against this deadly disease, by raising money to improve research and treatment that in the end can ensure those who has fallen under cancer's sway, still gets a chance for a normal or at least an extended life under these unfortunately circumstances.

Now, free of cancer herself, a survivor of the disease, she is carrying on the battle, and this year a group of people are fighting alongside her!

They are a collective of webartists of many different styles and skills, working out of DA and webcomics, but they are joined by the idea of making use of their skills for good, to help raising money to the fight against cancer!

In order to do this, a community project has turned out the "artists against cancer - calender", an 18 month calender starting June 2011 and ending December 2012, each month featuring art from a new artist to showcase.

Any profit from the sale of this calender will be transfered directly to the American Cancer Society through Donna Benders personal fundraising campaign under Relay For Life, and through this you can also donate more and personally.

The calender can be found for sale here

A preview of its contents along with a list of the talented people who have donated their time, skills and arts to make this project come through can be seen here: here

Thanks for the help to everybody who participated in this project, be it with critique and/or advice, and especially thanks to all the people who were the artists behind the project:

Legomegacy, Alvaro Cortes Ortiz Jr, V.F.Wyler, Ron Bender, Jerrie Lee, MissAnnoying, Blkknight,  Jay "Artdude" Bradley, Michael "Emjar" J. Robinson, Riley McCool, Mark "Teagle" Palmer and ...

:iconrocky-o: , :iconevilmind2: , :iconghostrunner: , :iconjoffoliver: , :iconcdrudd: , :icon47ness:

It was fun, it was a learning, hopefully it will be a profit for a good cause.

- Hogan
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GhostRunner Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
it was a rush...
in a slow kinda way :D
LPHogan Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
A rush with the speed of a rampaging glacier! :)

But despite all, we learned... next time it will be.. should be much easier :)
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Submitted on
August 20, 2011